Maker's SMS

SMS(Terms & Conditions)

  1. 500 SMS will be offered for free.
  2. SMS can be integrated to any/all features of the Website and CMS.
  3. The institution will have to recharge a minimum of 5,000 SMS for Rs. 1,400/- or in multiples of the same. ( For eg. 5,000 SMS = Rs. 1,400/-, 10,000 SMS = Rs. 2,800/-, 15,000 SMS = Rs. 4,200/-, Etc… )
  4. You CANNOT send any messages which are in nature of PROMOTIONAL, POLITICAL, PUBLIC RUMOURS, DEROGATORY MESSAGES WHICH MAY HURT THE SENTIMENTS OF ANY INDIVIDUAL OR ANY SECTION OF SOCIETY. Your account will be locked immediately by our service provider.
  5. You will be solely responsible for any messages sent.
  6. You can send only transaction and information messages.